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Popular Types of Hotels for Every Traveler

If you think that all hotels are the same, you might want to think again. 

The truth is that the hotel industry consists of a plethora of accommodations and lodging categories that cater to the needs of specific travelers and trips.

Continue reading to learn more about the most popular types of hotels that you can book on your next getaway.

All-Inclusive Hotels

All-inclusive hotels offer great value to vacationers because they bundle lodging, activities, dining, and entertainment into a single prepaid nightly rate. You can often find these hotels in destinations such as Cancun, Jamaica, and Punta Cana that attract leisure travelers looking for hassle-free vacations in the tropics.

Bed and Breakfast Hotels

Popularly abbreviated as B&Bs, bed and breakfast hotels offer customized unique lodging experiences. These accommodations usually feature a homely and cozy ambiance with the owners of the properties running them. Guests can indulge in home-cooked breakfast as part of their stay. The intimacy also encourages a deeper local experience.

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels set themselves apart from other hotels with their unconventional lavish designs that reflect distinct personalities in contrast to their intimate size. Often consisting of less than a hundred rooms, boutique hotels boast exclusive ambiance and offer personalized services to guests who seek upscale accommodations that cookie-cutter hotel chains can’t provide.

Business Hotels

Business hotels prioritize functionality and convenience to cater to the needs of business travelers. You can often find these hotels in prime locations linked to city centers, commercial office parks, convention districts, and airports. Despite the lack of extensive lavish features, these hotels offer reliable accommodations and services that cater to mobile professionals.

Capsule Hotels

Capsule hotels with roots traced back to Japan are popular for being efficient, economical, and compact accommodation options. They feature tiny pod-like sleeping areas offering privacy and are equipped with basic amenities in a confined space. Capsule hotels are a great choice for solo travelers, budget travelers, and anyone who needs short-term lodging. Popular Types of Hotels for Every Traveler

Extended Stay Hotels

An extended-stay hotel offers roomy accommodations with home-style amenities and kitchens made for travelers who are on longer trips, including relocating families, medical patients, and project crews. Extended stay hotels balance affordability and roominess with options for weekday to monthly rates.

High-End or Luxury Hotels

Luxury or high-end hotels embody the zenith of the hospitality experience through Michelin-starred dining, magnificent furnishings, and highly personalized services that cater to the whims of guests. These hotels set the benchmark for meeting and going beyond the expectations of guests. Intensive training of staff members empowers employees to render elite hospitality.


Hostels are the perfect representation of affordable lodging options and backpackers and young travelers particularly favor them for many reasons. Shared accommodation is the key feature of hostels, particularly in the form of rooms of dormitory style complete with bunk beds.

The setup fosters a social and communal environment that makes it a great choice to meet other travelers. Hostels usually have lounges, communal bars, and even bars at times where guests can enjoy cooking, socialize, and just relax.

Resort Hotels

Resort hotels focus on recreation and leisure through massive campuses and numerous amenities such as luxury spas, huge pool complexes, and championship golf courses located on ski mountains and warm weather coastlines. These hotels offer a refuge from the stress of day-to-day life. Guests escape their office desks to bask in the sun and enjoy spa treatments, indulgent meals, and thrilling watersports.

Which of these hotels do you want to book for your next vacation?

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