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How to Stay Healthy and Safe on Every Travel

How many times have you read or heard horror stories of people getting robbed while traveling? On the same note, how many times did you experience feeling unwell during a trip?
Whether it’s leisure or business travel, the last thing you want to happen is to get sick or lose all your money to a pickpocket.
To avoid these mishaps, here are a few tips to stay healthy and safe on your next getaway.

Stay Alert at All Times

When you’re a tourist, it’s too easy to be distracted by all the new sights and sounds around you. However, make sure you’re not too busy taking photos to the point that you forget your surroundings. Unfortunately, most tourist attractions are a favorite go-to place for pickpockets.

Be Wary of Taxi Rides

Riding unmarked taxis is a big no-no during your travel. While there are countries where it’s normal and fine to use these unmarked taxi services, always stay on your toes and never hop in if you ever feel unsafe for whatever reason.

Protect Yourself

Be sure to carry protection like a can of spray mace for those emergencies. Although you wouldn’t want to be in a situation where you will need to use it, you will feel much better and at peace if you know that you have one with you.

Secure Your Camera

You will end up as a likely target if you also make it too obvious that you’re a tourist. If your camera comes with a stream, avoid carrying it around your neck. Instead, wear it across your body for it to blend in.

Don’t Wear Anything Expensive

Wearing expensive accessories and clothing will only invite thieves, particularly if you also look like a tourist. The necklace or rings you love to wear at home every day might turn you into a potential target. If truth be told, you don’t need jewelry during your travel. It’s best to leave them at home where they will be safe.

Be Careful of Strangers

In most travel destinations, it’s common to see vendors trying to sell you their stuff. Most of the time, they will do so by getting familiar with you. They will ask you where you are from and like fate, they will tell you that they know someone from there, too.
Although not all of them are dangerous, it is a common scam tactic used everywhere just to make you let down your guard and feel comfortable. Never fall for this. Just smile and continue on your way.

Get Travel Insurance

By getting travel insurance, you will have peace of mind knowing that things are taken care of, especially when things go south. Just like how you buy homeowners, rental, and health insurance, travel insurance is also a must-have because it can reimburse you for accidents, theft, medical bills, and others.

How to Stay Healthy and Safe on Every Travel

Familiarize Yourself with Your Destination

Search for directions in advance and mark your route on a map. This will come in handy if you ever need help to get back or you find yourself lost. Showing the map to someone is easier than trying to explain it in a foreign language.

Remember Where You Came From

Be sure to have a card from your accommodation complete with its phone number and address. Since many hotels have English-speaking staff members, you can always contact the hotel for assistance if you ever need help or you get lost. You can also simply give the card to the taxi driver instead of attempting to pronounce its name.

Pack Your Medications

Before you leave home, see to it that you have more than enough medications for the duration of your travel. If you often experience ailments such as stomach problems, headaches, or seasickness, don’t forget to prepare your meds for these.
Follow these tips for safe and healthy travel!

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